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 The Unknown

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Wanna Be
Wanna Be

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PostSubject: The Unknown   Tue Mar 10, 2009 1:10 am

I really couldn't think of a better title.

The Unknown

Chapter 1
A Memory

Vex woke up with a start. He'd been having another one of his nightmares. About the night in the celler. That was seven years ago. It still haunted him as though it had been yesterday. Forcing that out of his mind with a shudder, Vex sat up properly in his bunk bed. Vex has your average slig in appearence. But his mind was were the differences began. Vex was a natural leader unlike many sligs. And that was one of the main reasons why he had become a high-ranked officer owning his own slig barracks. The barracks was like any other barracks, but on a larger scale. A huge celler with all kinds of things that couldn't be anywhere else, some shooting ranges, the officer's quarters, the regular quarters, an armory, a small infirmary, and a small detention block.
Vex pulled himself out of bed. Sliding into some pants, he stretched his arms and put on his officer hat. Pressing the button, his automated doors slid open. As he walked out into the small lobby he saw Brost sitting on the other side of the offices spinning about in the chair. As soon as he spotted Vex he quickly stopped fooling around.
"Good morning sir." He said somewhat embarresed.
"How's it going Brost?" Vex asked in a freindly manner.
"Nothing much. I sent those new recruits down to the celler to pick up that "watchamacallit" that apparently needs to have a different room tampra- tempri- whatever."
"The celler?" Vex' eyes widened with what he hadn't properly felt in seven years, "You sent them to the celler?"
"Come on it's been like seven years since that happened! Everyone who was here at that time is retired! Just us. Just forget it already!" Brost said trying to stop Vex from throwing a tantrum. Amazingly Vex submitted.
"Your right. It's been seven years. I'm overeacting. It's just because nobody's been down there since."
"Actually, alot of the new recruits have been down there. I just didn't tell you." Brost said looking face-down at the ground "Please, if I told you, you'd get way too worked up and you'd never have let anybody near that celler."
Smiling understandingly, Vex said "You made the right choice. Maybe I can finnaly relax about it now."

Down in the celler the two new recruits were trudging through all the junk that was scattered around the floor. The steady dripping of water could be heard in the distance.
"I'm Ferp." Said one of them hoping to start a conversation.
"Regat. Can you beleive we have to do this? We should be promoted just for saying yes." Answered the second.
"Yeah. But that Vex guy is freakin' crazy. I heard him mumbling in his sleep."
"Does he? What a wimp."
"Yeah totally."
The dripping stopped.
"What was that?" asked Regat alarmed.
"Just ignore it." Answered Ferp. Ferp had no idea of the mistake he had just made.
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Wanna Be
Wanna Be

Number of posts : 132
Age : 23
Location : Denmark but I'd rather be somewhere else.
Demerits :
0 / 1000 / 100

Registration date : 2008-12-11

PostSubject: Re: The Unknown   Thu Mar 12, 2009 12:42 pm

Chapter 2
What lies below

Vex had gotten his tray of Fuzzle Bites, Elum Chubs, and Scrab Cakes, and was now walking to his own table. He'd always been overreacting about the celler, but he was still uneasy about it. 'It's been like... seven years? Seven years Vex! You know that. So just calm down and forget.' He thought. Shacking it out of his mind, he finished most of his Fuzzle Bites, and started on the Elum Chubs. 'Finnaly,' he thought 'A lunchtime where I wasn't always thinking about that night...' The entrance to the celler was here in the cafeteria, so he could never push it out of his mind. 'Not till today.' he reminded himself. Finishing his food, he walked back to his office were a stackload of paperwork awaited him. Opening his automated door, he remembered the night.

Vex was crawling, injured and getting away from the battle behind him. He didn't know where he was going, but he didn't care either. All he knew was he had to get away from here. Going around a corner, he wondered if he was going to die. He struggled to keep going and not let the blackness take him. Looking up he saw a door. The exit door. A figure was already standing by it, frantically trying to open it. It was Dafant.
"You... You betrayed us all..." Vex said not knowing what he was doing. Dafant whirled around with a look of true panic in his eyes.
"What? I-I never-I couldn't!I wasn't even in your squad! It was Sakris. He killed the rest of squad seven. I only just got away."
"Lier... Your a traitor... Sakris wasn't in your squad either..."
"Bu-but it was him. Not me! I never!" Dafant didn't know what a deranged, crawling, wounded slig commander could do to him but he didn't want to find out.
Vex could see the truth behind his eyes, but how could he be telling the truth. He'd seen it himself. He was there. Dafant had killed so many of them without even a wince. Not knowing waht to think, he bought some time by asking "Then where were you when you heard cried for help?"
"Wha- I-I didn't here anything... They said I had been unconcious for a while. They... They said I had been in Room F. That's where I saw Sakris... He tried to kill me... Just before I'd been knocked out." Vex listened knowing that that couldn't have been true. Sakris' squad was over by Room C which was too far away for Sakris to have gone and not been noticed, but the truth still shined behind Dafant's eyes. He'd have to trust that and get to a doctor...

The world came back. Vex was still standing right infront of his door with the keycard still half inserted, the machine tugging madly at it trying to read it. Vex let go and the doors opened, as his keycard plopped right into his palm again. Walking into his office, he felt much less secure about the celler. 'Nevermind that now, you've got work to do.'

Way down in the celler where Ferp and Regat were standing, something moved.
"What was that?" Asked Regat starting to feel uneasy.
"Probrably just another Ratz or something. Just ignore it and let's get that thingymagig." Answered Ferp with confidence in his voice. Up ahead was the room they were looking for. Opening it, he saw the body of vykker lying flat on the ground. Dead.
"Isn't that the vykker who told us about the room temprature thing?"
"Yeah it is..." Answered Ferp. Looking at the corpse he saw his walkie-talkie was gone.
"Wonder what could have done that? Do you think it's still down here?" Asked a slightly paniky Regat. Ferp couldn't conceal the fact that he too was a little worried about this. This body looked at least a few hours old old, and the vykker had called not hlaf an hour ago...
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The Unknown
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