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 Who wants a job??

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Khanzumerz [Admin]
Khanzumerz [Admin]

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PostSubject: Who wants a job??   Wed Dec 31, 2008 12:28 pm


Content writer, newspaper deliverer, newspaper content finder AND ideas man..... those jobs are all open jobs aplly by filling this out, and pmming me it! If you ask for a job that is not on this list, you will get suspended from EVER getting a job for 1 year

Member name:
I will post __ in __ months.
I ____ _____ promise to do my best in my job of _______ that I am applying for.



Content Writer: You find information about oddworld productions, the site counts on you to get the news!

Pro's: You get to see the secret content writer area, that only you and admins can see.

Con's: You must have atleast 150 posts


Newspaper Deliver: You deliver the site newspaper to the emails that we provide, of the members that have subscribed

Pro's: You get to see the News paper productions secret area that only people that help with the newspaper get to see!

Con's: You must have atleast 65 posts, you must be active


Newspaper Content finder: You find stuff about the site, to put in the newspaper, and you can join up with the site content writer, to make the ultimate newspaper!

Pro's: Somtimes, you get permission to see the staff forum, to write about somthing in there, but your permissions would be small. You can see the newspaper secret forum

Con's: Newspapers come out 1nce in 1 week, and the second week twice, than once, than twice ect. ect. You must have atleast 20 posts.


Ideas man: You create the newspaper, admins and mods get this job automatically (even though admins get all jobs) You do it in Photoshop or gip, you MUST put the words T-O-F-F at the top!!

Pro's: you get to see the secret newspaper forum, you may somtimes get mod permissions for special newspaper editions!

Con's: Newspapers come out once in 1 week, and the second week twice, than once, than twice ect. ect. You must have atleast 125 posts

Who is awesome! ME!! YEAH becuase I have a pic in my sig! Yeah you better gasp

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Who wants a job??
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